Rescheduled Post Irma – Jacksonville City Council President Anna Lopez Brosche to speak at FirstThursday Jacksonville – 4:30pm, October 5th

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Special Message From W. Larry Williams, CEO, FirstThursday’s: “Earlier this month, faced with the impending and expected difficulties predicted for Hurricane Irma, FirstThursday Jacksonville in consultation with city and other FirstThursday partners decided that the safety and well being of our members, family and friends came ahead of any meeting. Therefore, we rescheduled September’s meeting to October 5, 2017. Jacksonville City Council President Anna Lopez Brosche  agreed to work with us in rescheduling her appearance. After some cooperative back and forth with Jeneen Sanders, Secretary to the Council President the following week, FirstThursday confirmed CP Brosche’s appearance for 4:30pm, October 5, 2017 at the Jacksonville Urban League. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all deal with the aftermath of Irma.”

Jacksonville City Council President Anna Lopez Brosche will address small business owners and the community during FirstThursday Jacksonville’s post Labor Day networking meeting 4:30pm, October 5, 2017 at the Jacksonville Urban League.

FirstThursday Jacksonville is the premier professional networking organization in Jacksonville powering small emerging business success through strategic collaborations, partnerships and professional networking.
The meeting is FREE and OPEN to the public. RSVP strongly advised due to space limitations.Head Shot Red Jacket - Edited
Jacksonville City Council President Anna Lopez Brosche represents a fresh, innovative and transparent leadership style as the new President of the Jacksonville City Council.
“We at FirstThursday Jacksonville are honored and humbled that Council President, the Honorable Anna Lopez Brosche has agreed to address our members, friends and the community during our post Hurricane Irma meeting” said FirstThursday Jacksonville’s Chairman, W. Larry Williams. “Our community is anxious to hear what the Council President’s thoughts are regarding Jacksonville’s urban and inner-city communities and overall economic disparities that exist in these communities,” Williams added.

Jacksonville City Council President, Anna Lopez Brosche Profile/Introduction -‘THAT’S JACKSONVILLE’

Jacksonville has almost 1 million residents with many different perspectives, backgroundsexperiences, races and ethnicities. THAT’S JACKSONVILLE
Councilwoman Brosche embodies all that is right about Jacksonville.
Councilwoman Brosche is the first Asian American to be elected to Jacksonville City Council and THE first Asian American Council President.
Her Father is retired Navy and her husband is a Navy reservist
THAT’s Jacksonville
She owns her own business that employs 40 employees
THAT’s Jacksonville
She attended UNF and stayed in this city to start her family and grow her business
THAT’s Jacksonville
She has volunteered with many organizations and community groups
THAT’s Jacksonville
She cares. Anna digs deep into many issues that affect our City. She has a sharp eye for detail knowing Jacksonville is complex, unique and diverse.
THAT’s Jacksonville
Please welcome Councilwoman Brosche, President of the City Council, a true leader who leads by example in service of our city.
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