Join the BIG LAUNCH of FirstThursday Jacksonville – NOON – November 7, 2013

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The public is invited to the BIG Launch of FirstThursday JacksonvilleNoon, November 7, 2013. The meeting is FREE and will be held in the Club Room, Aqua Deerwood, 9775 Creekfront Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256.

To RSVP for the FTJ B2B meeting, reply here. If you would like more information call (904) 374-9313 (cell phone 206 280 9941) or visit the FirstThursday Jacksonville web site:

The mission of FirstThursday Jacksonville is simple: Its COOL to BACK Black business! FirstThursday Jacksonville is committed to the advancement of black-owned business. From networking opportunities to small business funding, our passion is the success of the black business community, one business at a time.” FirstThursday Jacksonville knows that it is COOL TO DO BUSINESS with Black business. Back our Black business community by doing business with your favorite Black business(s).

FirstThursday is a membership driven organization that was founded in Seattle, Washington in October 2003. It continues to be the go to organization in the City of Seattle, King County and the State of Washington for private and government organizations seeking to form positive and strategic economic partnerships with Black and small business owners. FirstThursday is funded solely through memberships, web site/ social media advertising, corporate and government outreach programs. All of the membership opportunities and benefits are available on the FirstThursday web sites.

FirstThursday Biz is proud of its ability to bring business, labor, government and community together for positive meetings that generate positive outcomes, relationships and profitable partnerships.

We look forward to meeting all of you and exploring how we can help you help Black and small businesses in Jacksonville reach their maximum potential. We are adamant in our belief that a strong economic base is essential to the success of all of our communities.

For more information, contact: W. Larry Williams, Chairman & CEO,

FirstThursday Seattle & FirstThursday Jacksonville FL

P. O. Box 78337               9780 Creekfront Road

Seattle, WA 98178           Jacksonville, FL 32256


Seattle (206) 280-9941    Jacksonville (904) 374-9313


Web Site(s):

Seattle: or Jacksonville:


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